Joel Robinson, a character from Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and a common trademark in Prons' profile.

MillionDollarProns, often shortened to simply Prons, or MDP, is an American poster for WrestlingForum, since February 10th 2011. He is a Premium member, and is set to face the user swagger_ROCKS in a match at the upcoming Rantsamania V  event. He is also the 'e-mother' of the user Frooot, and 'e-wife' of CamillePunk.

Prons is known prominently for his somewhat unorthodox approach towards identifying female sex appeal. This is shown whenever he is approached with evaluating the sexual value of pictures posted on the site's Women of Wrestling section, usually on a scale of 1 to 10. If in the event that the subject is particularly attractive, these evaluations are often followed up with a comment that details what his desires are to do to the woman either sexually or hailing as a superior figure. These comments have often been viewed as eye-opening, repulsive and overly graphic, and have earned him an infamous reputation between the section's regular posters and its moderator Roman King, and on one occasion he has been banned from the section temporarily.

On the other hand, his quirkiness and unintentionally explicit detail that often results in blunt or cringe humour, have also earned him a positive reputation for being very comedic. He also displays kind ethics towards many users, and is relatively friendly to converse with, despite his reputation.

Prons is said to be real-life friends with the user CamillePunk, living near him in the San Francisco area. He is also a student of the Chinese language, and has a residence in the country. He is a big fan of heavy metal, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Game Grumps, is a member of the brony fandom, and is Libertarian in his political views.

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