Catalanotto (also known as Cat, Forum B!tch) is a male member of wrestling forum. Former WF member, Klebold, has just come out as a faggot after acknowledging he would not want to spend a night with Cat because he 'doesn't swing that way'.


Catalanotto, is from Buffalo, New York, USA. She joined wrestling forum in July of 2006, making an immediate impact on the rants section of the forum. Her username comes from a former baseball player named Frank Catalanotto. He probably sucked dick, I'm not sure.

Numerous Challenges for IRL Meet Ups and Death ThreatsEdit

Catalanotto has been faced with multiple users getting so rattled in rants that she has received challenges to fights and was even threatened by a member named Danny310, who now posts as The_One, in which he was going to find her and shoot her in the head. A former member named brian has also requested they meet up and was willing to drive hours to do so.



Obsession with Rowdy Roddy Piper, Batman and Hugh JackmanEdit

Catalanotto has a strange obsession with the wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, DC legend Batman, and the actor Hugh Jackman. We suspect she has hidden in the bushes outside of their homes multiple times, and has probably been hit with a few restraining orders, as well as fingering herself to the latest Batman comic issue, as well as possibly Christian Bale.